spicy_holo (spicy_holo) wrote,

Волчица и Правильные слова.


We, fleet girls, are fated to fight from the moment we're born.
If the counterattack operation begins, the battles will get tougher.
Who knows, how many of the fleet girls in this Naval District will be okay.
But... I'm still glad I'm a fleet girl.
I can protect the people I care about.
I can fight with the people I love.
My steel rigging is for fighting.
My passionate blood is for protecting.
My hidden heart is to love.
Thank you. I love you.
You're wonderful. I'm so happy.
Don't hesitate to tell the people
you care about the feelings you have for them.
Because they may not be there tomorrow...

Это монолог достоин Гамлета. Умничка Акаги-сенпай.
Tags: #Няшепостъ, полевая почта, разведка боем, щастье есть
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